Friday, March 8, 2013

Happy Birthday Ashlyn!!

 I had SO much fun at my cousin's daughter's birthday party. It was at an ice skating rink. It was my boys' first time on the ice, and I hadn't been since probably before they were born, that's sad. I actually took an ice skating class at BYU. It was only a half of a credit, but I got an A! I may or may not have dated the teacher's friend, an Olympic speed skater... I don't think he was ever in the Olympics, but he trained as such. I hope you didn't read that, how embarrassing! I learned some tricks in that class, I'm too scared to do some of them on the rough ice, but I showed off my spin for my boys.
I had more fun than they had I think. Steven stayed home with Tyler so I could skate, thank you! Oh, you can see Dylan's black eye here, it was just forming from the morning of back yard baseball.

Keri, my cousin, reserved some PVC pipe walkers for the kids, some how my kids scored one and shared. Isaac ran with his!
Dylan can skate without holding/hanging on me some! 

 We got to watch the Zamboni then some of a hockey practice THEN, Isaac's favorite part, a snow ball fight!!

 It was a nice warm night, perfect for a snowball fight:)

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