Friday, March 15, 2013

Field Trip: Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary

My friend Alicia took the kids on a field trip to the Suncoast Seabird Sanctuary last year for Joy School. We decided to do a reunion and go back this year. Alicia took her daughter out of school for the day and everything, but they got sick that morning. Yvonne and I still went, and I invited my friend Dori too. Her son plays with Isaac and they're about the same age and are both a little bored sometimes. We have been hanging out a little more lately. They spent most of the time feeding leaves to a dumb friendly bird. He didn't eat the leaves, and I think he even had other fish/food in his cage, but he kept taking the leaves from the boys. How kind of that silly bird. 

 Tyler ventured around really wanting to find his own bird to feed, or something. But he chased the smart birds who would go into the "Employees Only" restricted areas so I had to keep playing fetch with my Tyler, carrying him, squacking, back to the other boys.
 Everest woke up and we got to watch the Pelicans get fed big fish by hand!
 We had a picnic on the beach
then I went to a photo shoot while Yvonne kept my kids.
He had transition glasses, that was a curve ball. We took some w/o glasses, some dark, and a good close up  where I took the dark out.
Then it was the regular piano and gymnastics day (although I went to a baby store and we were too late for piano lessons). Still a good day!

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Alicia said...

Cool! We're sorry we missed out! Looks like lots of fun. The last pictures looks great. Do you love your new camera?