Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Dear Tyler, You're 18 months old

Dear Tyler,
You're 18 months old. I got out my old blog books and read what I wrote when both of your brothers were 18 months old. You seem to be much like Isaac. click here for some of the posts I was reading. I like this quote from Isaac's post: 
Dear Isaac,
You're 18 months old now. Corrie and I think that this age is more dificult than the terrible twos. In fact, the sheet on 18 mo milestones from your pediatrician reads, "Parenting is hard work. Talk to a friend  Plan time for yourself. Eat regular meals. Rest when the baby does." I pulled the other months/years off of the wall and none of them mention tips for the parent. I think it's a frustrating stage because you know what you want but can't communicate so you resort to whining. You know some signs and words, but once you're worked up, you don't use them.
It's so true! You want to be either independent or held by me. You only recently started pulling my hand where you want me to go, before that, you directed me by shoving me or pulling my shoulders. I would go in a direction but it was always not the way you wanted. I wish you could speak in clear sentences! I pick up a bunch of items before I figure out what it is that you want. But before I get to it, usually you forget what you wanted, so you're frustrated at the whole situation, and there's no reason what so ever. I hear you're only like that with me. Why?!

You don't do many things on command unless you're in a really happy mood.
You love the helicopter although it's mostly broken. We just spin it and don't let it get too high off of the ground b/c it'll tip over and crash. You move the little chairs to the counters and play in the sink and get into things. We latched the oven closed and keep the dish washer latched. That frustrates you.

Your words:
"Cot" (helicopter)
ASH-uh ASH-uh (ring around the rosie... ashes ashes) (sometimes says that or "ice" for Isaac or Ivy)
Go go go
Ma (mom)
Da/Dada (dad)
Uh oh
AH nu (all done)
Uh (up, on, off)
Pop (lollipop or candy)
Ni' ni (night night)
Bah bah (bye bye)
ish (fish)
Whas iss? (What's this?)
aaaaaahoh (whisper "ouch" w/o the ch)

Your signs:
all done

Your sounds:
ssss (snake)
ruf ruf
oo ooh (monkey)
(I think you said gato for cat once)

You like the routine of me rocking you on the boppy pillow then you'll reach for your bed when I say "ni' night." Sometimes you wake up and are stubborn and won't go back to sleep, but luckily that isn't that often. 

You're the cutest silly sweet cuddler around.
I love you so much!
Love, Mommy

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Silly Gille's said...

sounds like tyler and gracie are a lot alike. either off running around or super super needy. such a fun age too though. the jibber jabber that starts is just too funny! wish tyler and gracie could be playmates more often!