Monday, March 11, 2013

Dear Uncle JT/Elder Gille, we miss you!

 My brother Jonathan is on a mission and asked to see pics of his nephew's gymnastics skills. I'll forward this email to him. (You can enter your email in the "subscribe by email" box to the right to get this in an email once I post if you're that big of a blog stalker.) I'll only forward posts occasional  but that way he won't have to wait for the 3rd world country's computers to download individual pics of my boys.
 Isaac is a good kid, which is out of the ordinary for this age group I think. Notice his coach in the pictures, he usually doesn't pay attention to Isaac much, even when he's working directly with him. I don't expect Isaac to go to the Olympics with this, so I'm used to this now.
Did you do your dancing/flipping at LaFleure's? That's where Isaac goes. 

The boys started Tee Ball and Baseball too. 
The first game was on a cold Saturday. 
 They're on different teams now. Dylan is on "coach pitch" baseball where they keep score and they do "3 strikes you're out" and switch at 3 outs.
 Dylan took a turn at being the catcher! I'd be scared.
 The next game was on a COLD Wednesday evening. Isaac, Tyler and I bundled up. This is Tyler signing "Coooold"

 This past Saturday was a beautiful day again. Steven helps with Isaac's team some. Isaac usually hits w/o the tee, but after 3 pitches from his coach, they get out the tee.
 Then we go watch Dylan. Steven is the assistant coach there. Mom and Don came to watch both boys.

 Oh, and Tyler is officially old enough to be in the nursery now. So he wouldn't be with you during Sunday School any more, so it's okay that you're on your mission now I guess:)
 And this afternoon we rode bikes in your old cul de sac.
 See the bags behind Mom and Isaac? They had a replacement kid come over and rake and bag over 30 bags of leaves! He was over for 9 hours yesterday!

We love our Uncle Elder JT!

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