Saturday, March 16, 2013

Tyler's 1st hair cut

Steven has been bugging me to cut Tyler's hair for a while now. Although part of me appreciated when somebody told me that my kid needs a hair cut (since Dylan had a ridiculous long spot of hair on the top of his head that I wish somebody would have asked me to trim), but I also really liked his blonde locks and liked the messy natural surfer baby hairs. 
 When Steven told me that it was in Tyler's eyes, I caved and cut it right then.
 Tyler was okay for a minute, like literally for 60 seconds. I just HAD to go and get the camera. He let me take a picture, but then was wiggly. So we had to get him a "pop." And do a REAL quick job.
 Eh. He's cute. The hairs on the exact back of his head are a bit fried looking still from the rubbing, but at least it's not bald from the rubbing!
 I dislike that one of his words he knows is "pop" for lolipop, but it works! And that's what I give the other kids after THEIR tears from my really long (time wise) hair cuts.

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