Friday, March 8, 2013

dear diary, I don't want to forget these happy thoughts of the day

Dear Diary,
My heart is so full! I love my family, my jobs, my clients, my extended family, the unborn babies who I can't wait to meet, everything!

Last night Steven fell asleep on the couch after he took Dylan and the craziest kid from Dylan's class to MOSI (kid's science museum) for their class field trip. I'm kicking myself for not sending him with a camera or good phone for pics. But I love that he got to go with Dylan. In the evening, we didn't have anything planned! Steven picked up Chinese food for us! I took a shower/bath with Tyler then we all snuggled in our king bed, perpendicular to the normal way so the light would be behind us so we could read books like "Wacky Wednesday." I bought that for Steven before we had kids to show him that we could have Wacky Wednesdays w/o Hungry Howies:) The kids and I were laughing so hard at all of the wacky things, even though we've read the book many times before. Then we all went to sleep there! Tyler never stopped wiggling so I moved him to his crib where he slept 'til past 7, like most every night. I went back downstairs to blog here and to do a once over and edit one pic from the day before's newborn session. I resisted posting it 'til normal people were awake today, more on that later. Then I went to bed a little after midnight, I figure midnight can be a good bedtime.

This morning, we went to school, came back to get Ivy and Noah, and we went to the grocery store. Publix was so kind and gave each of my 4 kids pieces of cheese when they made our sub sandwich! That was a life saver b/c I was about to open the blueberries Tyler wanted so badly.

Speaking of Tyler, he's doing baby talk now, babbling on about everything. He has switched to being a bit more independent now that he can talk to himself. He's out back mowing the lawn right now w/ a toy mower. He also repeats words on command, so cute! He also learned the word "no" at Ivy's house yesterday I guess. He first used it on me when I asked last night if he was ready to get out of the bath. He used to vigorously shake his head no, so it's not like he's just now saying the word, but this afternoon he was singing the word to himself as if in practice for when I'll want him to do something for me, uh oh!

We came home, unloaded the groceries and packed for the park. We had a play date with my cousin Holly and her 3 year old Trace at Largo Central Park. I called Rachel on my way b/c although I try to not invite everybody I know when I go somewhere so I can have real conversations with friends, I have this overpowering urge to do so! I can't help but invite at least two friends each time. So she met us there later and was there with her husband, they're such a good loving happy healthy thoughtful playful family. We saw another mom who came to our church once too! Tyler slept all but the last 10 min there. I LOVE his infant car seat and you can't wean me away from it. Tyler needs to nap, and I need to do stuff! We ate that Publix sub and I loved watching Isaac and Noah run from one thing to another, conquering and summiting each play area before charging to the next.

When we got home, Corrie's kids went right to bed, Ivy fell asleep on the way home. The kids are all so good! I told Noah how much I loved him and kissed his neck all over before spank spank spanking his little booty up the stairs to bed.

I checked the mail and got a thank you note and check for a gift card saying that the gift card made the recipient cry when she opened it! She's going to really appreciate her couples session next month. AND I had a padded manila envelope with a note thanking me for everything this past year. I did make them Valentine wallets for free like I did the year before from their previous sessions. The envelope had a brown box tied up with string and all boutique packaged with a cool sticker, mini MOO business card promo code for the next order and a gift card-like business card. (I'll be contacting the seller to find out where she gets those printed.) Inside was a zip lock bag with a camera necklace in it! How thougtful!

I posted that doggie newborn picture then got fun feedback, first from an awesome photographer in Naples! I messaged her my thanks for her note and we talked a bit. Then Hollie called me and asked me to be HER newborn photographer and said she and Matt will fly me to Texas for my birthday! Last year Kat flew me to Utah for my birthday to do their  wedding pictures. I'm the luckiest girl ever!

I played connect 4 with Isaac then Tyler and I read books then he read them by himself. I faced his car seat frontwards so he could watch Nemo since Dylan loved that movie at this age. We got Dylan and they're playing outside and Tyler is so cute mowing the lawn! I had him color on paper outside with a left over big Christmas tree crayon we made a couple of years ago. He colored on the cement too of course, that's why I sent him outside!

Today Isaac has been an angel. He has played a batman game while I neglected him and typed away. He let Dylan play on it and then called into me to ask if I knew why he was sharing. He answered for me "Because I'm doing unto others as I would have him do to me!" He's pushing all of the right buttons today. He told me I look pretty with my new necklace. He played with my hair when I picked him up to hug and kiss and thank him. He walked in and had floss wrapped around his fingers and in between his teeth and had Tyler walking next to him with a toothbrush in HIS mouth. Man I love my kids!

Tonight I had two babysitters lined up just because. My 3 boys will go with my mom for the night after the church luau fund raiser. My kids are now laughing in the living room, I better go help mess it up then clean it up before Steven gets home in 15 min!!!

3/9/13 update:
The Luau was fun, we ate cupcakes, wore fresh leis, bid on some service, then left the kids to go stay up all night with my mom. We went to Andre and Barbie's and talked about kids etc. Then I finished the book of Alma in the Book of Mormon! It's the longest book and took me 2 months, but it was a good ending to a beautiful day.

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