Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dear Isaac, You're 5 years old!

Today I saw you placing a bunch of gold plastic pirate coins in an irregular connected loop on the carpet. Then there was one left outside to the right. You told me that the organized oval of coins represented all of the good things you had done that day, but the lone one represented the bad decision you had just made (for which you had just been in time out.) I had just held you and apologized for bringing so much attention to the one time you were not being so helpful when you are actually usually really helpful. I listed some of the times that you had made wonderful decisions that morning and told you that I should have let you know that I noticed and appreciated those instances.
The truth is, I get upset because I hold you and your other two brothers to a high standard. If you know right from wrong in a certain situation, I expect you to make the best decision. When you do not make the best decisions, it frustrates me. I'm not frustrated with you as a person, you're a wonderful person. I can often see that you were just not thinking, or you didn't see it the way I saw it, or you did not realize the severity of the possible consequences like if your little brother followed you example - he may not be as careful etc. And, I'm usually at the root of the fault. I should be right beside you more. I should teach you more consequences. I should be more watchful of your little brother Tyler who sets in motion the lunge of me from my computer to the situation. Like if you leave food on your table, by now I expect you to know that Tyler will make a mess out of it. Even though you did not intentionally want a mess made by little Tyler hands or feet, it happened because you decided to get up from your food or drink. Again, I should have been there watching Tyler and making sure you finished your food.
You play really well by yourself. You play with friends as well and have a magnificent imagination.

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