Sunday, February 24, 2013

Isaac's 5th birthday day

It's Still Feburary, so I'm not that late in posting Isaac's birthday day events. We still haven't blogged Dylan and Isaac's last birthday adventure to Sea World from last year! BUT, it's too late b/c I accidentally wrote over the pictures from my phone. So here's what we did after the party guests left. We went to Toys R Us so he could spend his $50 gift certificate from his cousins. 

I had cute pictures of him in his cowboy boots and of Dylan trying to convince him of certain sharable toys. Then we went to Tropical Smoothie for lunch. I'm trying to think if we took naps or not. See, this is why I need pictures and this journaling! I do know that Isaac requested fish sticks and corn for dinner. The boys devoured it! 
 We re-lit candles and sang to our big 5 yr old birthday boy.

And he went to sleep, as happy as a 5 yr old could be.

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