Sunday, February 10, 2013

Happy 5th Pirate Slumber Party with cake, pizza, and donuts Birthday, my Isaac!

"X" marks the spot!
of Isaac's 5th birthday slumber party. 
 He invited his cousins and Noah.
We started out with playing Candy Land.

 Pizza for dinner, as requested.
 I made some loot bags with some felt and a shoe string. The lollipops are from Oriental Trading Company and the skull is how I studied the sutures and bones back in dental hygiene school. I've kept it with our Halloween decorations 'til the kids needed it year round.
 My mom, Don, and Nana came and brought a stomp rocket!! What a perfect thing for outside.

 We had glow stick "pirate" swords for the kids and balloons with lights inside.
 We waited a couple of hours to do the cake so that Raphael could do that with us.
 Cute boys!!
 Out take: Tyler did NOT want to be in the picture.

 Then Isaac opened presents.
That's the only thing he asked for.

 Tyler finished up others' cake.
 He's great with a fork and is pretty much for sure right handed.
 But sometimes the fork just can't handle his bites.
 3 mattresses on the ground. jump party! Then we read books.
 And they fell asleep while I edited 'til way too late.
 Donuts and cantaloupe for breakfast!
 They played pirates 'til the parents came.

 Darren brought Isaac balloons when he came for his big corner piece of Publix cake kid.
 Tyler LOVED them!

Happy Birthday my Isaac. I love you SO much!!

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Alicia said...

OH my! That looks so fun! You're a great mama :)