Sunday, February 24, 2013

Valentine's Day 2013

On Valentine's Day eve, I made Valentines and decorated a little more. I also made cupcakes, the unfrosted ones were for Tyler. 
 Who found candy anyway of course.
 I had to work. It was a little sad since it's a day that should be spent with loved ones. I got a long lunch break so I went to Wal-mart where the light up pillow Dylan requested for his birthday was. Not the best place to spend Valentine's Day when we had gone to lunch the year before on my lunch break. But when I came back, I was greeted with flowers and a balloon from my Valentine! I had actually caught him in the act of searching for a florist and told him not to get me expensive chocolates or to get flowers delivered. He didn't listen:) Lucky me!
 We wore Valentine clothes at work and tweeted about it since our boss was away at a CE course:)
Steven and I went to dinner and spent all of our $100 worth of gift certificates for Bone Fish Grill! We even got two deserts! We didn't finish them, but man did we eat like kings! 
We has planned on going to the MFA where he proposed too that night or the night before, but with sports activities, work, the hours of the museum, and the need to eat, we'll go another day. We also didn't do our family Valentine's Day dance. It's too hard to keep up with traditions, especially when I'm the only one who makes them up and tries to keep up with them. I'm learning to stop being so ridiculous. I love my family. We spend lots of time together. We make lots of memories together. And they love me - we are a happy family!

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