Wednesday, February 6, 2013

my real full time job (Tyler is teething)

Steven called me from work to tell me he was tired from our no-sleep previous night. 
But instead he said, "I can't hear you."
Tyler was crying all night the night before, then all day with me. 
I got no break and felt so sad for my baby too. 
I finally figured out that he was teething! See those bottom two molars? 
He cut his top ones the week before. 
 Some Tylenol, baby ambesol, and the stroller worked. 
The normal tricks didn't work. So I put him in the little stroller and walked him around the back yard. I wish I could have gone for a jog, but Ivy was sleeping inside. So, he fell asleep in this cheapo stroller! I knew he had to be so tired, so I attempted to transfer him to his comfy bed.
 It worked 'til his cheek touched his sheets. Then he was loud again!
 I am brilliant, so I put him in his infant car seat b/c it was almost time to go get Malia in her car line already.
 I put the infant car seat in its stroller.
 I let him sleep in the shade. Isaac is my good helper. He was stroking Tyler's head while I cleaned the pool some.
The car seat went right into the car. Tyler slept through Malia's car line. 
 Then I put him back in his stroller and into the shade 'til he woke up. I couldn't get anything else done the entire day, but that's okay. We went to Dylan's piano lessons then to sit and watch Isaac's hour of gymnastics.
 Dylan finishes his homework or writes his uncle or plays on my phone. He chased Tyler around too.
 I cleaned the glass when I noticed it was a good distraction. Before and after he put his face on it.
 Happy baby!!

 Then we were back. Crying baby.
 Watching Steven's remote control hellicopter makes him happy. It's magic. He calls it "Cot" for heli"copt"er. When we ask, "do you want the helicopter?" he instantly interrupts us with a clear "YES." And usually a head nod or three and a smile or concerned look to make sure we know he's serious.

 He was so tired.

 Then, once we put Dylan and Isaac in bed, Steven went to Tyler telling him he would take him to his own bed. (Too many pronouns, but you know what I mean.) Tyler ran to me and snuggled in so I would be spooning him with my side in my arm pit, escaping going to bed.
 He fell asleep before Steven came back from brushing his teeth.
Poor Tyler. I love him so much, he's my sweet baby boy, I feel so bad that he was in pain!

Side note: Two nights ago he woke up at 2am. Really crying. We tried holding him, bouncing him, nursing him, feeding him a bottle, singing to him, etc. I was sure something was hurting him the way he was arching his back and didn't even want to be held. We stripped him from his PJs to feel if there was anything poking him. Steven asked if he wanted to see the helicopter, and like magic. Tyler not only calmed down, he perked up and smiled and was excited! Steven only did it for less than a minute, then Tyler calmed down and went back to sleep. What a stinker!


Lindsay said...

Oh man, that gives me anxiety reading!! We are going through teething too here. Its no fun

Lindsay said...

I just re read what i know what i meant

Aunt Kat said...

Oops, I just commented on the post before this instead of this one. Oh well. And I meant to say, genius idea putting him in his infant carseat so he'd be portable when asleep! Chalk one up for one smart mom!

And I love that you pointed out that you cleaned the glass before AND after he put his face on it--so it was sanitary for him and for any cute little face that would come along after his. :)