Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday Dylan!!

On Valentine's Day night, Steven and I stayed up taking down the Valentine's Day decorations and switching them to new birthday ones for Dylan. We also wrapped the gifts and made the crown. 
 I hung balloons from his door THEN woke him up to go to the bathroom. (Poor planning.) But it worked b/c I carried him there and back and told him to keep his eyes closed for the short commute!
 This is my little Dylan
 and his little brother. My babies.
 In the morning, I heard him waking up. I was so tired, and can't believe I actually woke up, rolled over, turned my phone on, and took this picture of him opening the door! He had already gotten dressed. I love the "animal in the dark" eyes like a raccoon with a flash light in his eyes.

 I'm pretty sure he got Tyler out of his crib for me and we had some cuddle time before breakfast.
The other boys were impressed too. 
 Dylan appreciated the decorations as you can see by his blur/jump.
 Breakfast was waffles with blueberries and whipped cream!
 Isaac picked out most of Dylan's gifts. We got him a couple of others (including socks) since he didn't get a birthday party like Isaac did.

 Steven took Dylan to school since he worked from home that day. Then we ran some errands and took Chick Fil A to Dylan.

 His fun teacher stood up with him and had the 4 classes sing to him.
 We love Ms. Wolcott!

 He had donuts for his treat instead of a cake.
 That night we had a fun time with his Uncle Andre and Aunt Barbie, Grandma and Granddad, and Nana. They came over for pizza and cake and to play with toys.
 Andre brought gifts for both boys including some spurs for Isaac's cowboy boots!

 Both of Dylan's great-grandmas gave him cash. Singles seem like a million dollars!

 Andre and Steven loved the Nurf guns and Bay Blades as much as the kids.
 Nana liked the crown as much as the kids too!
 Tyler, like on Isaac's birthday, helped clean up the left over cake.

 The frosting got all over his clothes.
So I took them off.
But before his bath, he got back in there for some last crumbs.
Ni' night my baby boys!
A packed birthday!

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Kathryn said...

Looks like a very happy birthday boy to me!

I love that he actually kept his eyes shut when you told him to so that he'd have a surprise in the morning. And great job decorating!

But why in the world would he and Isaac want to sleep on light-up pillows? :P