Tuesday, February 5, 2013

sad. HAPPY

 The other morning, Tyler and Ivy were both wanting me. I thought it was so cute and instead of holding them, I put them on the couch for a quick picture.
 A second later, I gave them what they needed and Tyler gave Ivy kisses. She had her hair to caress.

 And she was happy!
 Then my friend April came over with her daughter all cute with coordinating shoes and bow.
 My friend called me and asked me to call her back. I had a feeling it was to tell me she was pregnant with this cutie. I called her back and beat her to the punch. I told her I was pregnant (with Tyler). They're almost the same age, except that Tyler was born early.
 3 blonde babies and an unplanned Valentine's picture fail:)

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Aunt Kat said...

Poor little Tyler baby! I didn't know teething lasted so dang long! I swear Jacob is teething at 5 months, and I thought that was pretty normal, but not until I said something to a friend did I realize that the crying and pain didn't go away after the first couple of teeth came through. My friend was over when Jacob was crying for over an hour, and she eventually said she needed to go but would come back another time, and I said something like "Yeah, maybe after he's through teething." She stopped and looked at me and said, "That'll be months!" (She has three boys.) I had no idea! So is there nothing you can do besides Tylenol and Ambesol? Poor Tyler!