Monday, September 6, 2010

Stephen & Stepheni's FL wedding reception/open house

First off, my mom and Don had Rita's Italian Ice at the reception!!!!!! 
And lots of it.  I had about 4 cups:)
Hollie and I were as happy as we were when we saw the Cold Stone Ice cream at their Utah reception. 
Little Isaac liked the food too, and it shows . . .
on his chin, his shirt, his hands, and probably on his cute bow tie. 
My mom had the food catered, and it was so perfect! 
If you need catering for any occasion, ask me and I'll get you their info.
They kept everything stocked so perfectly too. 
Sister Johnston made the huge half carrot-half chocolate cake. 
Stepheni's lime/lemon colors:)

Here are beautiful Stepheni and handsome Stephen.  They stood under their arch while their guests came.  I wonder who many people came, it was a big turn out. 
They finally sat down for a while because the guests kept coming.
Some of the little guests had fun.
Stephen & Stepheni got to mingle a little.  They are so fun. 
They rested briefly.
But then they spent a long time opening all of their gifts and cards. 
There were a lot of linger-longerers, my kids included.
Congratulations you two!  Now go get some rest.  A wedding, a train ride, 3 wedding receptions in 3 states, a plane ride, and a LONG cross-country road trip in your new car sounds exhausting to me.  Cheers!

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Stephen said...

Awesome pictures! Thanks for taking them tiffy!!