Thursday, September 30, 2010

Look both ways before crossing the . . . beach. Really?

There were bull dozers, and other big trucks driving along the shore line. 
One came close to running over my kids!  They were watching, but I really don't think I should have to worry about traffic on my relaxing beach day w/ the family!
It left crazy tire tracks that don't belong on the sand.  So, they had a guy follow with a sand-fluffer-rake-zamboni-attachment in the back. 
I LOVED that soft sand:)

Baby foot prints!  (Because the ones I kept making aren't as cute)

For one, we didn't have anything planned on a Saturday morning! 
I decided not to run the Kansas marathon. 
Steven isn't going to run it b/c of his new job, so we're going to transfer our tickets to Martin and Katy's wedding instead. 
I honestly hadn't been training as much as I should have been doing.  Since this church calling, there's always something on Saturdays!  I can't blame my lack doing long runs on that, but you all know I can't wake up early to run for 3 hours.  The most dificult part about training for a marathon is the time.  My body was ok with it, but I seriously didn't figure out how to find the time to train.  I know I could have finished it, but it would have been the worst day of my life b/c I'm slow and it would have dragged on and on and on and I would have been so irritated! 
Maybe we'll run the Disney one. 
Good luck Uncle George though.  Maybe next year. 
Back to our beach morning.

 Isaac rolled down the sand.  You can see his tracks. 

 Dylan joined him later, but not 'til after he threw the frisbee with Steven for a while. 
I think he's better than I am. 
Steven and I threw the velcro paddles and tennis ball game. 
 Steven said he saw a bunch of sting rays when he swam.  We waited for them to pass, then we all went out.  Look at little Isaac. 
 And little Dylan.
Then we ate lunch there at Caddy's, took naps while I went for a jog, then on to the evening activities.

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