Thursday, September 30, 2010

awesome lighting, and ramblings

I've been wanting to go to the beach to watch sunsets lately. 
I haven't gone since my siblings were in town. 
Yesterday, when we were on our way to a RS (church) activity for desert, the lighting was amAzing. 
I wanted to bottle up the sky, the green grass, the rust-color on the driveway I hadn't even noticed before, everything.  The color was in the air, I wanted to swish my hand through it. 
It was so golden/orange/bright/VIVID. 
The sky was much bluer than I could capture.  It's not a cool picture, but has that ever happened to you?  Amazing lighting? 
The sky had beautiful pinks and colors contrasted with baby blues all the way to my mom's.  (Where the desert was.) That night, I went for a night run then when I got back, I just looked up at the sky for a while while on my back in the driveway.  The clouds morphed and it drizzled on my already humid self.  I don't want summer to end. Ever.  Florida should be summer year round. 
I decided. 
We can vacation to see seasons, or come to FL to escape the seasons.  Who's with me?  (It seems like everybody is ready for fall.)  Not I.  I'm scared of it.  I'm scared of being crazy busy and stressed and not having enough $ to shower my loved ones with gifts and really cool Christmas cards.  (I hate money.)  I love our pool and want to be able to swim in it year 'round w/o having to clean the leaves out in the cold months.  We went swimming today.  I love Florida, my family, and awesome sunset lighting:)

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Lacey McKay said...

Yes I have! Our house backs up to a bunch of land, so we see beautiful sunsets every evening. The coolest light I've ever seen is when the whole sky is really dark all day long, then just before the sun sets, it drops below the clouds and lights up the earth for about ten minutes before it sets. It's the coolest light and I have no idea how to capture it. I just sit and watch in awe. It's happened three times this summer that I noticed.