Thursday, September 23, 2010

Meet Tarzan. [You Jane.]

Dylan was in just his undies the other day and when I asked him where his shirt and shorts were, he said that he was Tarzan.  I let it go, whatever.  Then the next day, I asked him to put on his shirt and he told me that Tarzan does not wear a shirt.  I asked him to at least put shorts on, but he thought that was rediculous since "Tarzan doesn't wear shorts."  I thought it was a phase, but then, when I let him pick ANYTHING out at the dollar store and he found a green and white clothes line "Tarzan vine" and begged me to hang it up somewhere, I knew this wouldn't pass soon.  So, I figure, if I can't beat it, join it - right?!  So guess what little Dylan will be for Halloween. 
Tarzan, of course, because he already is! 

You should hear his Tarzan yell.  It's a soprano voiced sweet song.  We're working on it, but I laugh every time. 
So, if it's hot out like last year, he'll be wearing something like this with a Tarzan wig.  If it's cold, he'll be a gorilla again - his idea. 
(I happened to have some loin cloths from a Halloween before Dylan and Isaac's time.) 
Dylan wants me to be Jane, so maybe I will . . .
P.S. Who showed him a Tarzan movie or book?  Not I.


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I think I may have some "Tarzan" costume stuff he can use from when I was a caveman a few years ago.

- Andre