Monday, September 20, 2010

soccer game #2

first let me show you Isaac's pre-game show. 
He looks to see who's watching, then goes for it!
and again (and again etc)
and loves it. 
he kicks the ball too. 
Dylan is waving at me when his coach is trying to get him in line.  Love that boy!
Once the horn is blown, he's a little soccer machine! 
We love watching him! 
He scored . . . in the wrong goal, and was a little embarrassed and didn't want to admit it.  But he only made that mistake once.  (And it's because last week they got to shoot in the goal they had practiced on.  I don't think his coaches told them what goal was theirs b/c he scored right in the beginning of the game.) 
This is his team mate, Benjamin.  They're the star players. 
Dylan figured out how to run back on defense.  I love his little smiles when he knows we're watching him and are so pleased w/ how he's playing. 
Here's Benjamin's high five after they had both fought to get the ball up to the goal.  Benjamin finally scored, but he high fived Dylan for the assist.  What good sportsmanship! 
That's the face of a determined sweaty dirty boy, ready for some Pei Wei for dinner.  Thank you Granddad!!

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The Stevens said...

Cute pictures Tiffany. I'm glad he likes it so much. Maybe we can get the Dylans on the same team someday! PS Pei wei=yummy!