Friday, September 10, 2010

brothers: the love/hate relationship

Patients of mine, when looking at this "engagement picture" (as my mom calls it) that I have sitting on my family-pictures-shelf in my office operatory, always ask me if my boys get along well together. 

I answer, "they're brothers." 

Of course they know how to fight real hard, but they also know how to play real hard.  They're brothers, and that's what brothers do. 

Lately Isaac has been matter-of-factly backing up or seconding everything that Dylan has to say.  If Dylan tells a story, Isaac agrees and tries pronouncing a funny new vocabulary word (like a crazy animal or something) like Isaac KNOWS that what Dylan is telling me is FACT.  I love it. 

Sometimes I feel bad b/c I'm letting them play pretend or wrestle or read books or play with toys by themselves while I piddle at the computer, but they have each other and don't need me to entertain them all the time. 

They do know how to push each other's buttons, of course.  They usually share really well, but if one is tired or moody, then watch out.  Isaac can throw a bouncing, hair-flopping, loud tantrum.  It's pretty recent, and he usually has no clue what he was upset about by the time he's done.  Half way through his tantrum, all he wants is to give me a hug.  He had one such tantrum as we got to my mom's house before family photos.  Embarrassing.  I kept him at arm's reach and didn't let him hug me until he was done.  He was so mad!  But after the cuddle time, he was ready to go punch an uncle! 

They've been spoiled this past week.  First, they got to wrestle with all of their uncles, well not Uncle Brent I guess, but all of the others.  Then they got to wrestle with Jake, Marc, and Brent yesterday.  This next picture depicts pure joy.
Don't you love their opposite yet matching outfits:)  This was taken after Stephen and Stepheni's reception at my mom's house.  I think the best gift that I have given to Dylan has been a little brother.  I'm so blessed that I was able to do it easily and that these two get to grow up hanging out together every day. 

AND every night.  Good luck getting them to go right to sleep at nap time or bed time.  They talk, laugh, sing, or bother each other.  Good times!


Kat Gille said...

... but my question is, did you tell them to hug each other for the photo or do they ever do that spontaneously?

Tiffany said...

I told them to hug I'm pretty sure, just to keep them still! they were so wiggly.