Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm officially a Soccer Mom!

So where do I get my bumber sticker for my swagger waggon? j/k, I call it my CAR even though it is a mini van, and no thank you to bumper stickers.  And was I a soccer mom before b/c I still play soccer myself?  Maybe not.


He was so cute! He needed Steven by his side for the first part of his little pre-tee ball season, but at the warm up before tonight's game, he went right out on the field, dribbled, kicked, scored, then picked up the ball with his hands to come back to tell us about it. All by himself.

He's all dressed and ready to go!

So is little Monkey-see-monkey-do who kept sneaking in the photos:)

In the practice/warm up, Isaac was all over the place!  Most of the kids held onto their shiny new balls, but Isaac was doing everything the coaches wanted and more!  He was so red faced and sweaty.  He ran up and down the field, scored, dribbled, laughed, fell, tripped, enjoyed it so tripped again, etc. 

Dylan is #2.  I was hoping for #5, but that's ok.  There are 4 players on the field at a time, so they started with numbers 1-4.  He was in the starting line up! 

Here's a good picture of how they forget how to share when one is really tired.  They weren't tired, but they were really really hot after the half hour of running around. 

Isaac was done with the size 1 ball and wanted to stand on/fall off of/trip on/balance on the big #3 ball. 

  I love this poorly focused fun picture!
This is how Dylan started.  Shoulders down, sorta feeling silly, not sure what to do and wanting to let the other kids get the ball. 
He's still confused at why the other team is clinging to the coach's leg. 
But since half of our team decided to sit on the sides and take off their itchy shin guards and drink their waters, Dylan got to play all but 30 seconds of the game!  He started getting the hang of it. 
And Isaac was sooo good at just sitting on the sides with me and Steven.  He knew that Dylan was playing, and we were there to watch.  He really did just sit with us and watch! 
Dylan stole the ball some, and he dribbled/chased it all the way down the right way!  He ran it right off of the end of the field, then he stopped and walked back on the field and let somebody else bring it back.  It was good practice though! 
He did it a couple of times. 
And once, near the end of the game, he ran it down the field again . . .
and this time looked up enough to aim where he was going, and
I don't know the score, but I do know that both teams scored in both goals, but the coaches decided that after Dylan's goal, the game was over.  He did it!  I told him to come over to give me a big hug.  (I guess it's a good thing the game was over b/c I needed that hug right then!) 
Yay for Dylan, my little soccer player:)
Then we went to Tropical Smoothie Cafe b/c Dylan requested "a salad with those crunchy things on top, [i ask croutons?] yes, the frutons."  He ate his ceasar salad and smoothie like the champ that he is.  (But they didn't have frutons, oh well.)

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Kat Gille said...

I LOVE the first soccer game story! And the photos look like Dylan was running really fast. :) Way to go on scoring a goal in your very first soccer game ever, Dylan! And I'm very impressed that Isaac stayed on the sidelines during the game. Great pictures of his ball-balancing/falling skills. And Tiff, you look gorgeous in that last photo--perfect smile and teeth. :)