Friday, September 24, 2010


Dylan: "Mom, do you know what a stain is?"

Me: "Yes, it is when something like a shirt gets dirty then still looks dirty on a spot or something even after it is washed." 

Dylan: "You need Oxyclean.  Just go to the cleaner store and buy some." 

TV: [Pillow Pets comercial starts]

Dylan to Steven: "And they are even machine washable!" 

TV: "Just throw them in the washing machine!" (or something, I wasn't there)

Dylan: "See?!" 

TV: [anything for a boy]

Dylan: "I want that for my birthday!"

TV: [anything for a girl]

Dylan: "I want to get that for Malia for her birthday!"

(This is why I like the kid channels without commercials)

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{K J B} said...

yeah.... we totally had a 30 minute melt down today because on a bike ride with Bray we went in the Subway parking lot and he says, "Subway, where winners eat!" and melted down when I told he we couldn't go in and eat since it was Sunday - HE IS A WINNER! And HE NEEDS TO EAT THERE!

Thanks marketing department!