Monday, September 13, 2010

I'm sorry, my dining room table

Or should I say, "I'm sorry Steven," (or should I admit that I'm procrastinating once again to clear my mind . . .)

I sometimes wish I were a neat freak or had an ounce of OCD (the kind where I had to be organized), but the truth is, that's just not me.  Life is too busy and fun and stuffed full of better things to do than to make sure the couch cushions are on the couches before I go to bed.  (The kids were having way too much fun right before family prayers this evening.) 

So, my dining room table was spotless last Saturday, when we had a bunch of family over for a cook out.  But this weekend is another story.  I'm so happy lately and full of energy.  Steven keeps telling me that I do not live in a dorm room any more, and that the dining room table should be clutter free.  But it's just so easy, to drop stuff off there before moving on to my next task.  I know why my mom didn't want to have a coffee table or end tables when we were kids. 

Right now,
  • my dining room table holds up soccer info from Dylan's Friday night 1st soccer game;
  • a temple wedding picture from off of our living room wall b/c I used it at Saturday morning's Beehive conference at the Tree of Life table;
  • my cameras from from 2 photo shoots this weekend;
  • my swim bag full of dive rockets, a kick board, and a dolphin stamp from this morning's swimming lesson;
  • a basket full of dollar store umbrellas with new stickers branding them for Dr. Brayer's office (my idea for when it's raining and patients have to go to their cars- I always wish I had an umbrella for them to borrow, so now I do!  And they can keep it!);
  • lots of church stuff and calendars that I need to sync;
  • a zipper pouch of crayons from sacrament meeting;
  • a small jar and fake flowers that I used in my object lesson on Sunday;
  • my PCDHA binder and a gavel from yesterday's board meeting - yes I really called the meeting to order with one;
  • new fishy face photography fliers and business cards for my networking meeting tomorrow (I just decided to invite friends to a meeting and it's really happening! You're invited too!);
  • post cards I made for reminder cards I just got in the mail today for the PCDHA meeting tomorrow- cutting it close;
  • empty water bottles b/c I'm always thirsty in the car;
  • a neat pile of paperwork for Steven's NEW JOB that he started today!!!!;
  • painted clothes pins and ribbon from the baby shower I helped throw on Saturday along with the paper plate I painted them on (trash now);
  • journals that were extra baby shower prize gifts (from the games);
  • a tiny hole punch, scissors, and ribbon (fishy face packaging supplies from Saturday)
  • a bag of hair bows and flowers from Saturday's girly photo shoot;
  • preschool papers for Ident-A-Kid (I do my own though so that should go in the trash);
  • a picture of a temple and one of Christ that I just got and want to frame for the boys' room;
  • scriptures and my personal progress book - I still need to read today;
  • a baby gift I forgot to include;
  • instruments I sterilized for my cousin;
  • and my overflowing purse. 
After I finish this blog post and the power point for tomorrow, send out the two mass email/newsletters, wash, dry, and curl my hair, unload and load the dishes (from yesterday when I wasn't here), I'll hit that dining room table.  I didn't go play soccer tonight because I had to say no to something even though I was torn.  I wanted to play, or even go for a run.  Why is it so hard for me to say no?!  One of the PCDHA board members quit something yesterday.  I was baffled yet jealous.  Steven will then have a better day tomorrow b/c he won't have to have a messy room mate, he'll have a wonderful house wife! 


Kat Gille said...
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Kat Gille said...

You get so much done it's not even funny, and I like that listing the contents of your dining room table pile can give us such a good picture of what your last few days have been like. :) Oh, and I'm going to try to play soccer tonight in some sort of regional YSA tournament thing. Should be good exercise, if nothing else!