Friday, June 13, 2014

no excuses

I had a room mate in college who was a pet peve of mine. I know that's horrible to say, but we just didn't blend, then I was irritated by that. I wanted to have a room mate like my freshman year one. Or like any of those girls on Stover Hall. So this room mate was nice, but would apologize for things like not cleaning the bathroom, borrowing my clothes (that she had previously insulted) and the fact that they were STILL in her dirty clothes hamper, and for having a mess on her side of the room.
I got sick of apoligies. They were meaningless. I wanted to say to quit saying she was sorry and just do whatever she had been putting off.

But now I'm the one feeling like I'm saying sorry all the time. Sorry to my client for not having her gallery up yet. Sorry to my friend who I promised to sew/glue and mail a headband for her [not so new anymore] newborn baby girl. Sorry to my cousin for not sending his wedding gift even though he sent me an invite a year ago and he's already back from his honeymoon. Sorry to my business for not weekly posting anything. Sorry to my e-friends for not posting the birth announcement. Sorry to Julia for not posting the images from her first month. Sorry to my kitchen floors for having dirt stained on them. Sorry to Elisabeth for forgetting the frozen milk AND the formula AND my check book this morning. (Good thing I pumped both sides this morning on the way to her house.) Sorry to Dr. Brayer for not getting to that homework right away. Sorry to my body for not working out even though today marks 6 weeks and I really have no excuse. Sorry to Tyler for not going swimming with him this evening w/ the rest of the boys. This list goes on and on and on. I have ONE thing on my to do list and I'm blogging instead. But it's waking me up. So I'll stop this pointless truly annoying apology and I'll get to work. Once that one thing/client is satisfied on my to do list I can mail letters then craft headbands. Julia's sleeping.

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Barbie Feger said...

You are crazy. You need not apologize for anything. You do SO SO much for SO SO many and have four little kids. People get it. Those that don't, may eventually, may not. You always do the best you can, that's enough.