Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Mornings/days/weeks/maternity leave

If I have something to do in the morning, it's pretty much the only thing I get done all day. So that means the days fly by and I do not have enough of them in a week. In fact, I do not have enough weeks in this maternity leave. This is my last one.

I'm not ready to leave Julia for all day yet. I do feel like I'm ready to leave her for a little to work. I guess it means I have a good job if I'm missing it. I get to see some of my patients because they are also friends (and some are family.) I found out that one of my patients thought he would be one of my first patients but I'm only going to be there in the morning the first two days and he's scheduled in the afternoon. Sad.

One thing people keep asking me is if it's always a surprise seeing girl parts instead of boy parts when I change Julia's diaper. What? Honestly it's not. I have been babysitting since I was 11, and I was a big sister for 4 siblings before that, so have been changing diapers of both genders my whole life. The diaper areas don't surprise me. Even the diaper explosions are expected by now. The thing that I didn't remember is that Julia's diaper fills up in the back and not in the front when it's wet. It drips down and pools in the back since she always sleeps on her back. So now, if she poops, the diaper is already saturated right there sometimes. I do change her lots and lots.

Back to my mornings. Today I got to go to Isaac's Kindergarten awards picnic lunch. They do not do a Kindergarten graduation ceremony, but the principal did show up for hot dogs and for some of the awards. We played outside at the park there from 9:15-1:15. That was my whole morning, and since I played with Julia then took a 2 hour nap then made mac 'n cheese and watched the kids in the pool, that was my whole day! Tomorrow I have Julia's 1 month doctor's appointment in the morning. So there goes that day. I guess it seems like I'm not being productive b/c last night Julia was awake, like usual, and wanting to be entertained/held while I was tired (since I did not get a nap since I did errands in the morning and played with Ivy and they took a nap after lunch then we had piano then a church friends picnic) so I did not stay up to get things done. I ended up just laying down with her since she likes that and we both fell asleep by about midnight.

But recently, Steven picked up the boys for me so the other half of our family could take the said 2 hour nap in my bed. So I feel rested enough to be able to stay up to edit my first photo session. Steven is a good daddy and husband and provider. He went to Isaac's awards lunch. He picked up the kids for me, and he did a ton of yard work before swimming with the boys. He's watching American Ninja Warriors with the boys so I can clean the kitchen blog before he's off to play basketball at the church. At the picnic, Julia was sleeping laying down in the back of the stroller but Steven still picked her up to hold her. So sweet.

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