Monday, June 2, 2014

Let's Pretend

Tyler likes to play. He has a fun imagination. I wish I could go on his adventures instead of all the other things I need to do each day. 
He calld his Diegos "joe" for some reason. One has "coo-vin-dye-vins" on. (Scuba diver fins) Steven and I love the way he says that. Ducks and frogs also have 'cuvendivins FYI. Tyler always asks why they do. It is just one of hos things. He remembers the story of Steven loosing a fin and wants to find it. At the beach on Thursday, he asked me to take him far away (out to sea) so we could look for and retrieve Daddy's lost 'cuvindivin. He tattled on me to Steven that I did not. 
Tyler called the area at the end of the couch his swimming pool. He would dive in on top of the bean bag and pillows and would ask some of us, if we were lucky, to go swimming with him. Julia and I did not fit although we tried. So he expanded. Tons of pillows and monkeys with various blankets now have replaced our couch cushions.
It was cute at first. But he freaks out if we want our couch back or if uninvited guests take a dip. Oh, and it made another change. It is now a truck like granddad's. He drives us to the doctor's office. And to Pwug-wix (Publix), Home Depot, and to the store. (The T is silent in the word store.) he gets very upset if I do not let him take me on my errands in his truck before we go for real. The boys don't like fighting him to clean. This was Isaac's idea of putting the couch back together so we could go to a swim birthday party. 
Nice. I let it go. 
He makes up pirates or jaguars that happen to be right by some place where I want him to go. Conveniently, he is too scared to retrieve a diaper for me, for example. Steven fights them sometimes. 
He likes to dress up some. He was excited to discover the superhero costumes and various other dress up things too. 
This was the scene at Publix Thursday when getting salad stuff. Tyler was taking pictures with his camera (binoculars.) i was so happy and feeling blessed b/c although I may have boarderline too many kids, the nicely dressed lady in heels next to the tomatoes was frazzled calling for and looking for her giggling hiding son who was a little shorter than Isaac. She had clearly not been at the beach with then napping next to her son all day. Sad. 
He was playing the piano and singing by himself the other day. At least one of my kids practices on his own!
I like my Tyler. He liked watching Dora the other day. TV does not usually hold his attention. Dylan and Isaac are too into TV, computer games on, and are still in mourning over having haf to turn their iPads in at school. They are creative when prompted. Dylan liked to draw. Isaac builds forts out of Tyler's left over couch cushions. They both love swimming and playing back yard soccer. They painted little wooden boxes yesterday. All 3 of them. I had them look up Bible stories and be ready to report what they learned while I and the babies napped  on Thursday. That worked. I need to do some serious summer time planning for them! I think workbook pages, memorizing poems and scriptures, science experiments, chores, and crafts are in store. 

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