Tuesday, June 3, 2014

JT's Dream

My brother's weekly email from his church mission in the Philippines followed by my mom's email to him is as follows. You may want to read it first I guess:

this was a good week
im going to start with a dream i had. its way weird, and doesnt make much sense, but i thought it was funny, so ill share it with you.

so in my dream i was still a missionary, but there was some thing were the zone leaders got to serve their missions in the states for one transfer, to see what mission life is like in america. so i got to america, and was walking through the church, walking towards the room where we were going to have our district meeting. and when i was walking, i was holding tiff's new lil baby, julia. and she was tiny, but she was talking to me. i dont remember the exact words she said, but she said that the celing was pretty, then i looked up, and we were like in a cave, where the celing is like the stalagmite stuff. then we got in the room where the district meeting was, and she looked around and said that she said that she liked the colors of all the elders' ties. then this is the funny part, and the only part i remember word for word. she said "ka-nami kon mangin mga neck-ties 'ta!" haha it means like 'it would be soo cool if we all could become neck-ties!" ha. that was the end of my dream. 

the house we meet at in the place called pari-an is just a house of a member, but there are too many people to all fit inside, so they meet outside. its dirt floor, and theres chickens that run through the plastic chairs of the congregation durring sacrament meeting. but there is a sheet metal roof, but there are holes and stuff, so when the rain started pooring down, we had to huddle inside. 

another funny thing, we were teaching joven, and we asked him where he was in the book of mormon. he always reads the pamphlets, and even looks up all the scriptures, but he couldnt remember where he was, then he was like... maybe 1 nephi13:22. very specific guess. i opened his book and read it, "and i said unto him: i know not" ha. he is doing well though. he has a date for the 14th, but he has to fix some stuff with his life before he can be baptized. but he wants to, and hes even working with us teaching other people and stuff. we saw them last tuesday at the place we were eating lunch, and we asked them where they were going, and they were just walking around, then they decided it would be fun to tag around with us for the rest of the day, so they did ha. him and his older brother jed (recent convert).

other fun stuff... 
DONNA WAS BAPTIZED last week!!!!! i saw elder comilang at our zone conference the other day, and he told me. he also told me that karen-joy, merlita, jennifer, and kaselda are all now baptized as well. all the people elder asi and i found are now members! it made me way happy when i heard that. 

elder gille

HOn Mon, Jun 2, 2014 at 3:25 AM,<vickibeckman@tampabay.rr.com>wrote:
Hey, JT!

Question - you said it rained during sacrament so everyone needed to huddle in a house.  Are you meeting outdoors, or what?

This may be a short email.  I have difficulty staying connected here.

Missouri, it turns out, is hotter than Florida. These nieces and nephews of yours are really smart.  This week is the last week of school here, so there hasn't been much homework, but there has been a lot of awards events.  Don was trying to get out of going to another long, boring program and asked Ella what awards she got in middle school (wondering if Ocean would be getting any similar awards).  Ella remembered she had received straight A awards. Don asked if she thought Ocean had received straight A's.  Here is the funny part.  Ella looked at him like he was crazy and said I suppose so.  In this family straight A'a are assumed and not worth remembering.

Love, Mom

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