Sunday, June 29, 2014

Dear Julia, you're 6 weeks old

Dear Julia,
You are 8 weeks old. But I pretend you are still 6 weeks old. 6 weeks is more the milestone for me than for you. I get to go swimming and can exercize again. I actually got a little head start on those but it does not show. So instead of me thinking people will think I should have 2 weeks worth of doing a boot camp and that I should be in shape, I like pretending that I am not even supposed to yet. Plus, after 6 weeks people get annoyed when I give your age in weeks. They want month increments. 

But I did jot the following notes down here at 6 weeks so I will leave them untouched. I will post this and maybe add photos later. I just need to save/post this! You are so cute and sweet. 

Fussy evening
Night owl
Scratch grab face
Coo 4x (You have talked 4 times to date. At 6 weeks)
No noise
Scowel expressions
Hair is growing
Fists w/ lint
Love Your thighs and low hair line
Stand up on lap a little
Hold head better
Move head over to eat
Pacifier in the car if the car is moving

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