Sunday, June 29, 2014

First day of summer activities. Work and play.

Happy first day of summer!
$2 Rita's day!
It was a good cool treat for after Saturday jobs (cleaning bathrooms and vacuuming ets), bike riding lessons in my mom's cul-de-sac, swimming in her pool, and all but finishing Julia's blessing dress. 

I have given my kids more responsibility lately and was dissapointed and guilty of not teaching my boys awareness or indtinct. Examples: 
•They asked where to store items from the clean dishwasher. How do they not know where plates and bowls go?!
•Dylan said yes he had washed the pans. Really washed. They are clean! But I kept investigating. He did not use soap or hot water or even a clean wash cloth. (He had rinsed them in preparation for the dishwasher or jand washing and it took way too many questions to get to that realization.)
•They had never cleaned a toilet and did not know what to take in with him. Then had not cleaned around it. 
•Isaac plugged the sink and had water running in it, but I noticed he was pumping lots of hand soap into the dish water. Neither knew to set out a dry towel, use a clean wash cloth, to use hot water, to rinse, etc. I later found the dishes drying right side up with their lids on them. Nice. Keeping the water in, "ay yoy yoy". (I say that too much.)
•Dylan swept the stairs. But left the dust on the tile below. How did he think he did not need a dust pan?! (Side note. Barbie swept our gross floors into our dirty rags pile and left it. Which is actually an example of going above and beyond. She does not know where a dust pan is, nor should she. That was something thoughtful and she probably had my baby strapped to her and had to deal with my crazy boys' drama at the same time. I wrote this before but had not published it yet.)
Wow I have been an enabler, or an UN-enabler. This summer, they are learning to work!

Isaac cried in his bike lesson. And he laughed in surprise as he biked all the way to the end of the street making me run! 

And Julia liked her blessing dress. And her grandma for doing so much of it. 
The dress satin is from my wedding dress. The neck lace is from my mom. The sleeves are from my baptism dress fabric, left overfrom when my mom made it. The over lace is my mom's wedding dress's veil. I will make a headband out of scraps too. 

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