Tuesday, June 10, 2014

bags are packed

For some reason getting milk together and finding a freezer lunch box milk bag were not on my tonight's to do list. I think I've been putting off thinking about the end part of my maternity leave. It's not pretty to think about. Sorta like the end part of pregnancy- the delivery. If only there were an epidural for the end of maternity leave so that I didn't have to feel this last part. 
The good news is that it's not my first rodeo. I've done the exact same thing 3 times before and I'm leaving Julia with big brothers and with Corrie who took my other kids on my first day back to this same job. And I have a good job that I miss. And I am only going to be gone a half day - just 2 patients after a meeting. 
So, after editing and ordering photos (I've been off of maternity leave for weeks now from photography), I packed my bags. The batteries work for the breast pump, I'll do that on my way to Corrie's. My purse is dusted off and holds some filled photo frames and a brag book full of Julia photos. The pink diaper bag (from Corrie) is packed with extra formula and bottles and diapers and onesies and pacifiers and a water for Tyler. I'm all set! Now I'll say a prayer that I'll hear my alarm clocks! 
Do you know what I just realized? Corrie bought me my diaper bag and the one I had for Tyler. She bought me my purse, and we have both used the breast pump when needed although she had her own. (My mom got it for me when I was pregnant with Dylan.) Yea, Corrie's my BFF. I trust her with more than my life: with my babies. 
Speaking of which, here's an un-white balanced picture of my happy baby girl in some new fun props from Aunt Lacey. She gave us two packages today with so many specially marked individually packaged items. Sooo thoughtful!

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betsey said...

Corrie is the best! Such an amazing blessing to have her!!! Hope back to work wasn't too hard.