Saturday, June 21, 2014

A long day

Steven said he would take the boys to Vacation Bible School so I would not be so rushed with dropping Julia off at Clara's house. Dropping Julia off was not that big of a deal. If I had forgotten anything, Barbie would have it. And Barbie is so structured and even more loving that I knew everything would be okay.

Meanwhile, steven was U turning back because Isaac had forgotten his shoes. I had 3 missed calls from Steven who wanted to know what to do and if they would be aloud in late. 

I got to work early and ready for our weekly morning meeting. But a patient came an hour rarly so I skipped the meeting. And my next one cancelled. So work asked me to go shopping (clock out for the 3 hr lunch break) until a new patient needed a cleaning. Then another got worked in too before she got her bridge cemented in. But to our surprise, another patient thought she had a cleaning with me right then. She only wanted me because of online reviews. I wanted a lunch break to pump my milk! But I proved to her that I am indeed awesome even though she would not let me try the cavitron. (Hand scaling takes longer.) So with 10 minutes for lunch, I check my phone with beautiful pictures of my sleepy happy baby, I hear about Tyler's melt down, and post our daily Trivia Tuesday question on my iffice Facebook page. Oh yea, and eat lunch, pump milk, and write in charts. Thank goodness my 1:00 patient forgot about me. 

I had no time to worry about my girly firl. I was worried about Isaac who the night before cried because he did not want to go to VBS. About Steven who wasted his whole morning with unexpected issues. About Tyler who did not calm down enough to stay and who might have an accident when his extra clothes and blanket are with Dylan. About Don who was not planning on having Tyler all day and who may not put Tyler to sleep. Whoever said girls are drama?! It's my boys in this family. 

So yea, I called the boys and Don was just then in his way to get the boys. The church called him to remind him. Isaac later said he was only a little worried. That is something I would do. But Tyler napped (on the way to and from VBS then inside still in the heavy awkward car seat. Sorry Don!!! And Tyler stayed dry! Don is so helpful and selfless. He loves us and does so much for us. 

My afternoon was normal-busy so I had time to niss Julia. Barbie was more frequent with the updates and pictures. I missed Julia's smell. I had not thought of her having a smell, but she does. 

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