Monday, April 1, 2013

Easter Sunday 2013

We wanted to have our family together for Easter. Steven decided that we could host! He bought the "nice" paper plates, but at about 3am, I decided to climb up high in the garage to wash my grandma Gille's china. I loved having matching dishes for everybody, the food, and even desert plates! 
Barbie and Andre brought over baked stuffed blueberry french toast. Oh my goodness, what a perfect surprise! Dylan had asked if we could make the resurrection rolls on Easter Sunday and I told him no that we would be too rushed but it was a good idea. Barbie saved the day!

Here's our traditional Easter Morning family photo.
I tried setting up a tripod but I couldn't find the self timer feature on the camera so handed the camera to somebody walking by, perfect timing!
 Here're my toes, I didn't get myself a new Easter dress (or shoes as you can tell) but I got some stickers for my toes and a headband that matched the boys' ties. That made me happy:)

 The kids got cookies for their Nursery treat, lucky kiddos!
 My mom took the kids for the afternoon which was perfect b/c I needed a little nap after staying up so late prepping some of the food. And they didn't have a chance to re-clutter the house.
Steven basted the hams every 15 minutes for hours (yes two, Antonio and his two sisters were going to come so we bought another ham). He also cooked sweet potatoes on the grill, and baked his cornbread casserole - his best yet if you ask me. I made potato salad, green beans with roasted almonds, and the strawberry salad. We also had a lot of deviled eggs by my mom, fruit, rolls and spinach dip, candies, deserts and more deserts!
Selene announced her engagement and her wedding date of July 13th! 
Then Andre passed his ultrasound photo to Juliane, they're going to have a baby in October!!
 Juliane and I hid eggs in the back yard then the kids stormed out! Dylan went for the high up ones first.

Bailey came over with her friend's live Easter Bunny!! It's the softest calmest bunny, so cool! She came over last night at 9 something and asked if the kids were in bed yet. I said we should wake them up for a real bunny!!! Dylan woke up, Isaac opened his eyes but wouldn't wake up. Dylan looked at it and was sort of awake, but then he must have seen the bunny move b/c his eyes got wide and he asked, "Is it alive?!" 

Tyler didn't want to touch it, but he did want to be next to it. 

 That night, Tyler gave me a real kiss! He has given open mouth kisses before, but usually leans his head into receive a kiss and rarely gives them. The other day he started liking Eskimo kisses and he will say "kisses." But today he did the fish lips pucker kiss!

He's so cute:)


Aunt Kat said...

Wow, your Easter dinner looks AMAZING! And I'm so glad that you went to all the work for the matching china--it's perfect. (And very smart that there's a dropcloth under the kids' tables to protect the carpet...but what did you do with the couch?) Such exciting news being passed around at the table too!

Aunt Kat said...

Oh, AND I love your Easter family photo and that your porch is so spring-like with the ivy, and that someone walked by at the right time to be your photographer, and that your dress is really cute even if it isn't new...I haven't seen it before, and that you got the coordinating ties and headband. Perfect Easter photo!

rachel kanooth said...

YOu are such a great host. I loved all your pictues. And thanks for being such a great Nursary Leader,,, they twins love going on sundays.