Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Tyler's Dinglehopper

Remember on The Little Mermaid when They were wondering what a fork was and how to use it?

Tyler usually loves putting blown around trash in the trash can, but this particular man's trash is Tyler's treasure.

Isaac climbed the rope in gymnastics!
I initially posted this from my phone while watching this game, that gymnastics picture is from earlier today.
Dylan played 3rd base most of the game.
Isaac brought his notepad from Uncle Andre and Aunt Barbie. I think he may have called it his homework.
Back to the dinglehopper.
Steven is coaching Dylan on when to run HOME to score!!! He hit the ball in the outfield! He scored the previous game too AND threw a ball to get someone out at 1st. He should have earned the game ball we think.
Dylan scored!! He's actually #6 but I like that from this picture, I can pretend he's our family's usual #5. My mom was #5 when she played, so we always want that # and often get it.
So happy, but following directions so he's looking at the coaches but wanting to come give me hugs and high fives I'm sure:)
Then I went on a "nun" [run] with Tyler who was sooo tired. I had to wake him to put him in his car seat. I so dislike waking that baby boy. Good game, my Dylan! 

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Aunt Kat said...

Haha, I like that he has a dinglehopper. And I like that you thought of the allusion and called it that. :) AND I like that Steven coaches and that Dylan's #5 and that you got a picture of him running to home base so fast that both of his feet are in the air--go Dylan!