Sunday, April 28, 2013

Dear Tyler, You're 19 months old. I mean 20 months old, where did the month go?!

Hi my baby boo,
You were 19 months old when I started this post. Now you're actually 20 months old!

I love you and your baby fat cheeks and personality. We can finally reason with you a little. And when you are sneaky, you know it as such. A month ago you were stubborn for mo reason. Now you have more reasonable thoughts.
And unreasonable ones too of course. You like shoes and follow that if you want to go outside that you and I need our shoes on, or somebody's shoes on!
You like to look for bugs. You say "a bug" instead of just "bug" so it took me a while to get what you were saying. I guessed "ball" at first but it really sounds like "uh buh, uh buh, uh buh, uh buh, UH BUH."
You make really good messes. Like dumping things out. Like the plant I had JUST planted and watered.
"uh oh, a mess"
You can communicate too! You surprise us with new words daily, the most recently being "couch."

You like trucks now and point them out to us. You point "cheet cheets" out to us too. That's what you say for a bird. You spot them mounted above peoples' driveways and everything. You're observant.

You like tour sock monkeys from Grandma and Uncle Luiz and sleep with and carry them around. You use the sound for them, "ooh ooh." You also like to carry a sippy cup, and in the last couple of days, you like other monkeys too but the sock monkeys are your favorites.
You talk gibberish to yourself and to others. Sometimes I go along with it and we have deep conversations. But i feel like Nemo's dad when Crush the little sea turtle is giving exit instructions on how to leave the E.A.C. Marlin says, "it's like he is trying to say something." Funny, sometimes you say a real word in there. Like when he said couch. It sounded like it. And sure enough, that's what he meant. Or when you said "boom boom boom boon boon." You could not eat your yogurt without a spoon!! When we correctly guess, you either say "yes" or let out a happy sigh of relief and a breathy smiley "huh."

You can spit and do so with your tongue out. It's super cute but I try to not pay attention because I want to phase that phase our quickly. Maybe I have. I hope.

You fold your arms for prayers. It is actually putting your fists together at your chest. You hold it together for longer than at first.

You are done with formula. We did not transition to whole milk. We did buy one carton, but it spoiled. Dad puked, enough said. You say no to sippy cups of milk. You slept with the milk cup for about a week. But we bought more cups so we could give you the water cup instead. You like to hoard cups with your blankets and monkeys now. You nurse when you wake up and sometimes to fall asleep. But now we like to go for a run and you fall asleep then stay asleep for the night. You beg to go for a "nun nun nun" (run - you repeat yourself lots.) This evening was the night of the Boston Marathon bombing. It was a beautiful quiet run.

I love you my baby boo!
Love, Mommy

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