Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Day 2013

I was pinteresting ideas for today when I realized we should go to the library!! I bookmarked some ideas in case but hoped the library would have an Earth Day craft and they did!!! We were the only kids there. Upon checking out, we saw the missionaries coming in to email their moms.

We read two earth day books, had puppet show fights, and saw a display of "copters!"

On our way our, a lady sitting in her car said "that used to be me. I had 7 kids. Do you homeschool?" I'm not sure if I looked crazy with coaxing the 3 kids into my car or if Isaac looks old enough to be in school. I told her that I keep Isaac instead of taking him to preschool. And that I was homeschooled. She told me about fiveInARow.com. A curriculum for preschool where the same book is read each day and a different aspect is used as a teaching moment. I looked it up and want to do it ! I secretly want to homeschool my kids. If it were my only job, i would be amazing at it. It would be so much work. I did one of the free mini lessons on Caps For Sale. It is a lot like Joy school and what my parents taught, finding the teaching moment and making lessons out of everything.

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