Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sweet day

Yesterday a two bombs went off at the finish line of the Boston Matathon. How sad. My friend Jamie Ayres finished in just under 3 hours thankfully. (He has a sub3 clothing company.) He and his wife Amber were already back in their hotel. That evening i went for a run myself. I pushed tyler to sleep. The sunset was so pretty. I wished I were on the beach to see the full thing bur still loved that we get palm tree silhouettes. I was counting my blessings when i smelled a yucky reclaimed water sprinkler. Yuck! But that turned into a good thing because it made me run faster home!

It is good to see the yucky and sad things but to see the good to. Like to focus on how many workers there are there is a Mr. Rogers quote about that going around Facebook now.

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Aunt Kat said...

Good point on seeing the good even when everything's not peachy: sad day, but lucky for Amber and Jamie, beautiful run even if it wasn't at the beach, and good (albeit stinky) motivation to finish your run strong. I really like that Mr. Rogers quote about looking for the helpers.