Sunday, April 7, 2013

General Conference April 2013

I'm listening to church right now, I love it, I can multi-task in PJs or work out clothes. The kids ate waffles this morning. (Steven put them in the toaster for them.) We cleaned and played some in the morning, had green smoothies w/ blueberries (and two carrots, an apple, a whole bag of spinach, a scoop of Isagenix powder, some frozen broccoli stalk pieces, two strawberries, some mango and pineapple pieces form the other day that I froze, a little juice, water, and organic cane sugar, a lot of that to make it edible.) 
 The kids still didn't like it, so they only got to play conference bingo w/ raisens 'til they finished the smoothies, towards the end of the first session. And who told Tyler how to say cheese for pictures? Cute the first time.
Have you read the book Harrold and the Purple Crayon? Well, here's my version. WHYYYYYY did I tape these papers to the wall? Tyler mostly stayed on the wall, but not all the way; thank goodness for a magic eraser. (And Dylan's old Rays shorts must not have that much elastic in them, or maybe Dylan stretched them out b/c he wore them 'til past the time he outgrew them.
 Dylan colored the right way while listening.
 But Isaac made himself some peanut butter and honey. Guess which honey he used? I actually saw his little hand place the lid-free honey on the other side of the sink and laughed "oh no." Dylan was sitting on my lap while we watched President Monson's talk. Dylan asked "what?" And I told him I knew what a piece of bread must look like on the other (hidden) side of the sink. Sure enough, Isaac said "Um Mom, come look." Delicious!

 After conference, I went for a run. I listened to the first 45 minutes of the Saturday morning session. I just jogged and enjoyed the beautiful day, I went the long way then kept going around another block. I was jealous of Tyler's hammoc-like experience but I had a lot of sleep last night so I took off my shirt and leafed the bottom of the pool while Dylan and Isaac caught a million grass hoppers, well probably more like 75 which is still a lot!
 The couch is still in the garage from Thanksgiving, so Dylan and Isaac are taking full advantage with their hotwheels set. I love their laughs!

 Tyler tried on his big brothers' shoes. He's good at messing up the shoes.
 Skittles and M&Ms this time!

 We found a 9' piece of bamboo when cleaning the island entrance to our neighborhood. The kids teeter tottered with it, they love that thing.
 Steven cooked veggie burgers and burned the twigs we raked up from our front yard in the fire pit.
 Tyler loves the "wah-2" (water).
And this was last night, I like the soccer ball head shot:) 

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Alicia said...

I love that you keep a blog! I wish everyone did. It's so fun to peak into your life :) Tyler is so cute I could scream. Looks like a fabulous, well organized conference weekend. I need to get my act together and do something like that in October!