Wednesday, October 31, 2012

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Custom Child Photography in Pinellas County

Custom Child Photography in Pinellas County

Let your eyes sparkle! Tiffany is aims to please and is a completely custom newborn, child and family lifestyle photographer in the Tampa Bay area. You will fall in love with your sweet kids all over again!
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You can review me there. (And lots of other places. I'm learning how important reviews are!)
With this website, you request a plumber, house cleaner, photographer, or whatever. Service providers who have set up a profile will then be notified that they have a potential local client. They can see the specific request, and if they want the job, they will contact that lead (potential client) and the client gets to pick. It's actually another reason that I could use a smart phone - I get texted that somebody in the area needs a photographer, so it would be best if I could be one of the first to respond, no matter where I am. I just started a new phone plan, my friend is one of the founders. It's $49/month for unlimited everything w/ no contract for Tmobile's 3G/4G service. I have been fine w/o data by calling people with smart phones when I need the internet and am out, but it's pretty much time to get with the times and buy a smart phone. Now have the data plan but am still looking for the phone. I actually got 2 months free and now my bill after that will be down to $29/month. Anyway, here's the website. They use underground marketing, or word of mouth, so consider yourself ahead of the world since it just launched in October. Exciting!

I'm already planning how to work even smarter and how to profit next year with the photography business. My accountant brother told me about paying quarterly taxes, so I'll be doing that too. If only I had an in house accountant who could research cell phones, answer emails, and keep my books for me:)

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