Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear Dylan, You're 6-1/2!

Dear Dylan,
You're six and a half! You're a little man already yet still have vulnerability. You're sweet, smart, silly, confident, yet hesitant. I LOVE your real smile face. I love your face any way, but that happy face is the BEST! You got 100% on your first school test. It was a spelling test with 10 words. You got 100% on the next week's as well. You can be crazy right after school, but will calm down when you know I'm serious. You really cherish your at-home time and like to play with toys.

 You and Isaac dress up together. Here you are both police officers in your suits with dollar store police trinkets.

You still like to dress up, but it goes along with creative pretending. You play well with Isaac.

You will choose the right in silence. Like if you see Tyler waking up in the morning on my bed w/ me, you'll stay in with us to make sure that he is safe - letting me rest longer. I then actually can go back to sleep for another snooze, knowing that you're a good protective big brother.

I love you Dylan,
love, Mom

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