Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dear Isaac, You're 4-1/2 years old!

Dear Isaac,

I call you my I.Z.I. or pookie pie. I hope nobody else ever calls you those names. I love you so much. You know how to do many many things, and for the small amount of things you do not know, you figure it out. I love that you figure things out on your own. It's not always great, but in theory - I love self starters. You know how to reach the top shelves. You know how to use neosporin and band-aids. (You somehow cut Malia with an exacto knife on her toe this afternoon. I'm to blame, I suppose, since I put the knife in the craft kit back when Dylan was a newborn and forgot about it.) The only way I found out, was asking Malia to come down stairs. You were in the bathroom and came out with an opened band aid and opened neosporin. Malia chanted, "you can't lie to your mother, tell her what you did to me." This was before I even asked. She  was not angry, but matter of fact, and sort of proud that she had been cut with a "cutting thing." She would not leave the band-aid on because she kept showing off the wound.

If something goes missing, we often ask you. You may not be the one who hides the items, but you often know where they are.

You give good kisses and hugs.
 You have quite the pouty face.
 you like siscors.
 you two stuffed scare crows I hot glued to cardboard.

 you have the best Sunday School teachers ever!

 carmel drizzled apples
 Noah slept over and brought his tent. You ended up in our bed. You sneak in with us about once/week.
 we have pool parties w/o Dylan. it's the BEST having Uncle JT home for a bit.

You like to pack trinkets and invent things out of otherwise unuseable items. You tie lots of tangles into our swing set.

You two are "Andy Annie Jones" or explorers here.

 siscors mouth :)
 You love to learn.

 You are eating "snow" made with the new Ninja blender.

I love you so much!
Love, Mommy

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