Monday, October 15, 2012

just me and my baby and the color orange

I made a special trip to check to see if this pumpkin patch had pumpkins yet. 


I made another special trip. 


Then I planned a time when I could go. 

Then I re-planned the trip for when I could take my kids. 

Then one kid had Tae Kwon Do and the other had a sleep over. 
But I kept my date with the pumpkin patch and took my baby (and my camera). 
The night before was our family pictures and Tyler wanted nothing to do with me or the photographer. 
He only wanted to be held by his daddy. 
But on our pumpkin patch venture, I let him discover and play and take his time. 
This included me getting down on the hay covered ground with him in my scrubs too. We were both dirty and were both happy. I love this season, the holiday is way at the end of the month, so we always have the entire month to do pumpkin patches and crafts. 
 He has like 10 pairs of these soft shoes, but rarely do I find a match. SO frustrating!

 I only processed a couple, the others are out of focus or dark or orange or whatever but it's my baby, my memories and I like his expressions.

 Here's the facebook timeline cover I have up now. I placed the flags over the ridiculous middle part that took me too long to notice.

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Alicia said...

Love your updates Tiffany! It's always fun to see what you guys are up to. We'll give you a call next time we are done and maybe we can get together?