Sunday, October 21, 2012

12 Halloween/Fall crafts (one is a treat)

Here are some of the Halloween crafts we've been doing. 
This looked spookier on Pinterest. I just got a cheapo wreath from the dollar store. Spray painted it black, ordered a bundle of snakes from the Oriental Trading company, put sticky tack over their eyes and some strips around their necks etc then spray painted them too. I peeled off the stick tack to reveal the eyes. We weaved them into the wreath a bit. It looks good for a kid's door but is sorta to skinny for our front door.

 We listened to and danced to "dem bones" on youtube then did this. Isaac was certain to do hip bones. See them? I think they look pretty good. He also did both the tibia and fibula. It's not to scale. :)
Mummies! I twisted pipe cleaners around popsicle sticks then helped the kids wrap them up with strips of old diaper cloths (new, b/c they weren't what I expected when I purchased them years ago).
 We made footprint ghosts. We also painted pumpkins and did felt pumkin faces. The kids cut out the triangle eyes and noses out of the black and/or yellow felt.
 These are out of trash. It's target bags, the heads are stuffed with the target bag handles, then they're twisted with twisty ties. The kids did them pretty much by themselves.
 I've posted a picture of these before, I hot glued some scare crows to fall fabric covered cardboard and let the kids stuff them with the straw left over from Tyler's bed skirt.
 I added googly eyes and hot glued some of the stuffing in so it wouldn't fall out.
We made caramel apple "cookies." I wish we had used wax paper or put some Pam down b/c once the carmel hardened, it stuck to the foil.
 How do people eat real caramel apples? These are easy to eat, but should be eaten right away. The caramel made as soupy mess under the apples, and like I mentioned, the caramel stuck to the foil.

 Tomorrow I plan on doing spiderwebs. I bought chinet plates and will punch holes around the boarders so they can weave a web. I wish I had black or white yarn, but the red will have to do. We'll also glue tissue paper to baby food jars as candle holders that will look like jack o lanterns once we put faces on them. My mom made delicious apple crisp a couple of weeks ago. I still think I should make some too. 

We also already carved jack o lanterns for FHE with my brother. He won't be doing traditional Halloween things, he'll be entering the Missionary Training Center on Halloween! 

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