Monday, October 8, 2012

"That's my grandma!"

Thanks Mom and Don!!

 we didn't take a rope, so we used the tube's tow rope but it hurt JT's hands so he didn't skim much.
We stopped on Martin and Katy's island to take a family tree picture 

 and to skip with their uncle.

 After driving, Isaac went behind the boat with his grandma.
 Dylan went by himself for a bit!
 We planned some tricks, but Steven wasn't easy on us when we went together! So we just did a couple of things.

 Jonathan could jump with it, and even rolled it all the way over AND held on! it was amazing.
 We towed Jonathan back 'til the end.
I know my mom is a grandma, I've made her one, in fact. But she still doesn't seem like a grandma. MY grandma seems like a grandma even though she's a great-grandma. So it was pretty funny when we were looking through these boating pictures and Isaac proudly pointed my mom out to Noah with "That's my grandma behind the boat!" Jonathan and I started laughing. I grew up with my mom slalom skiing. (I don't know how to spell that word that means to ski with one ski.) So this didn't seem odd to me at all, until the funny grandma comment. For a last hoorah, my mom rented a boat and tube and we went boating for the day. My friend watched Tyler b/c he wouldn't have any fun being straight jacketed in a life jacket all day. thanks for the fun day!!

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Aunt Kat said...

That's my MOM behind the boat! What a fun day, and good idea on not straight-jacketing Tyler for it! :)