Sunday, November 4, 2012

Halloween Festivities. 1-7

 1. Church
These were taken before we went into our church's fall festival and trunk-or-treat party.

Jonathan dressed up as a "future missionary" which isn't actually a costume, he went into the Missionary Training Center (MTC) on Halloween. Isn't he so good, it was his last chance to be crazy - whoever he wanted to be for an evening, and he chose to be a missionary. His head is in the right place. Of course, my mom went as herself too - a sad "future empty nester."
"duh nuh nuh nuh click click, duh nuh nuh nuh click click, duh nuh nuh nuh, duh nuh nuh nuh, duh nuh nuh nuh click click, ... The Adams Family!" The group costume contest winners, the Hilers.
My friend Rachel and her activity days girls did "Thriller." It was hard to see them b/c they didn't go up on the stage b/c closets are being cleaned out, I heard. Still fun.
Here are her kids on the other side of the wolf. Cute Cannon got away with the "no masks" rule somehow.

they gave out candy, i made them pretend they were giving out Books of Mormon:)
2. We went to Raphael and Edison's house for Bessie's Halloween party.
festive tios
bee keeper and bee
cocoon and butterfly

Our original plan was to go as a family of pirates. But we let the kids pick out their own costumes since they wear costumes year round anyway.
Selene helped the kids with Halloween games and crafts.

3. On this same day, I had a photoshoot and Dylan had Tae Kwon Do testing. He moved up to a junior blue belt! I had a photoshoot then we went to a friend from Tae Kwon Do's house for a big huge fun Halloween party. 
 Nathaniel's mom goes ALL out!

 These cake pops are so cool. They're donuts holes dipped in white chocolate w/ a chocolate chip for the pupil then red veins. on forks!

 Tyler's not afraid of anything. And he's pointing out body parts like eyes, nose, hair, etc.
 There were intense games complete with prizes for the wining relay team. It was rigged so that Dylan and Nathaniel's team won.
 They were partners and loved it.
 Isaac was partners with a little guy his age. When the time keeper announced the winning team, that team went inside for prizes and the other groups were told to stay put. The little guys did as they were told and Isaac's friend started to cry. So his mom and I went inside to see what the plan was for them. We just had them come in since I think there was no plan. They were happy with their goodie bags.
4. Isaac felt a little left out since Dylan was getting to have a class party on Halloween. I told Isaac we could go to breakfast anywhere he'd like. I named a bunch of places and he picked Bailey's Dunkin' Donuts. (Bailey is our neighbor/babysitter/friend.) 
 5. We came home to change Tyler out of his PJs then went back to Dylan's school to sit in the parking lot for hours passing out candy. I went in Dylan's school. (I love how I can walk in anytime I'd like and they recognize me as Dylan's mom there.) I caught Dylan's teacher and Miss. Pam messing up some classrooms like the real Thing 1 and Thing 2!
 We decided to set up our candy station with Bessie's family. She had a much better decorated trunk anyway!
 I love the appropriate Mother Goose costume!
 We ate lunch out there, candy, water, bananas, and crackers.
 Raphael's class went. He's Batman.
 And Dylan's class came through.
 My friend Dana was a pirate too!
 I thought Tyler would fall asleep on the way there, but he didn't. He fell asleep in the stroller but I could tell he was uncomfortable w/ his legs dangling. He woke himself up repeatedly.
 After we watched Dylan go all the way around, I took Tyler to our air conditioned car. (It was so hot outside!)
 And I nursed him back to sleep. We stayed in the car for over a half of an hour. Isaac and Edison went around to some cars. That was so thoughtful of his aunt and uncle to take the boys around.
 Tyler kept sleeping for about a half of an hour more outside as the last students came by.
 Instead of going home and coming back in an hour, or waiting in that horrid car line, we went inside to hang out with Dylan's class. They were watching a movie, doing crafts, and eating snacks.
 My kids love Ms. Wolcott!
 She's fun and funny and loud and silly.
 6. We went home to get Tyler's costume and let the boys go to the bathroom. Then we were off to my mom's work, Catalina Marketing, for some office to office trick-or-treating.

 Tyler sped walked and fell and laughed all around those corridors. Oh yea, he's not in costume. I grabbed the pants to his costume, but a puppy costume for the top on accident. It's way too big for him. I was dressed up. Oh well.
 My friend Leslie is the one who told me about the event since her husband works there too. So we walked around with them for a bit.

 I love this picture. It's Tyler telling me "Dog Dog Dog" and doing the sign. It's actually a black cat. He was proud that he found it though. I'm trying to teach him the signs for cat and for squirrel because he gets excited and calls them both dogs.
 In the conference room, we drank some blue smoking witches brew and colored. I wish they had daycare so mommys could take naps! j/k.
We went to my friend's Tropical Smoothie Cafe but we missed her. She told the cashier, Pocahontas, to give us our food for free! wow!
6.5. I wore my only black and orange shirt, and I took a picture for my friend who's selling this energy drink, Verve, from Vemma. It's a pain finding the focus and setting the self timer and swiveling the camera, then realizing I forgot earrings so I cloned part of my eye to make a stud that, now that i mention it, looks wierd:)
 7. I was done by this point and so was Tyler. I'm glad it wasn't his first Halloween b/c he and I missed out on the real door-to-door trick-or-treating. Tyler napped. I wanted to shut out or lights and nap too, but I passed out candy.

As you can imagine, we have too much candy!! Halloween was a success:) 

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