Sunday, October 7, 2012

Conferences and Family and sleepy babies

Thursday night, I went to a continuing education course presented by Pharmacy students on common drugs and their potential dental complications. Then I got my hair cut and highlighted and toned at a real salon! By a 9 month pregnant friend at 9pm. We're going to trade services and I'll take her newborn portraits. On Friday, I stressfully did Halloween messes crafts with a bunch of my kids then went in the car lines for 2 hours. We went to my friend's daughter's 3rd birthday party about an hour away. We were late and I didn't even get out my camera even though she's the cutest little princess and my boys had such a good time taking impromptu karate lessons from a fellow party guest. The next morning, Tyler and I went for a jog while Steven did yard work and the other boys cleaned their play room. Then we drove to our Sea World hotel! Tyler was more than ready for his morning nap by the time we left at lunch time. I sat next to him so I could help Dylan with next week's homework. Maybe I should have those straps tighter:) 
 Isaac found a snail when I lost one of my Tiffany & Co ear rings. An even trade I guess. (If only I had the faith to call my brother who helped us find Barbie's ring. I lifted Isaac up on my shoulder to see a band and felt him scrape my ear. We were by bushes and in a high traffic area and who knows if I lost it then or sometime before that. Sad.)
 The first thing we did was go to The Count's Countdown to Halloween musical Sessame Street show. Tyler had to get out of the stroller to wait in line. He is really loving being big like his big brothers.
 He ate snacks since he slept through lunch.
 We sang along to the spooky tunes like the Purple People Eater, and a Halloween "Head Shoulders Knees and Toes."
 The kids got to go trick-or-treating as we walked along, so they pulled on their trusty every day costumes.
 We found some good photo ops along the way.

 The kids LOVED watching these 3 silly guys clean out their gross yucky pumpkins.
 Dylan said they're like the 3 Stooges. He's right.

 Tyler, Isaac and I watched these musician/dancers while Steven and Dylan waited in line for a high flying tea cups-type ride.
 Then, just in time, Isaac cut in line to be brave and go up with them.
 Tyler found some acorns and enjoyed the break from his stroller.
 Steven got reprimanded by the kid running it b/c he unbelted them by himself or something. All I saw was Steven's huge smile until I heard it again. They couldn't ride that ride again until the shift change :)
 It's fun having a little walker to walk next to me.

 and in front of me!
 and towards me.
  and all over the place!!

 Dylan's favorite part of Sea World was running up and down to and from the big pirate ship.
 Isaac was brave on the cargo nets.
 Dylan could go way ahead of us.
 Tyler, Isaac, and I found some things to do while Dylan and Steven went on a big roller coaster.

 Then Isaac went on it! Sheer terror. Steven said Isaac said "My eyes got wet, but I was not crying." He later told me, "no I was not crying, I had a smile the whole time."
 The sky was beautiful. Maybe some day I'll go to a theme park with a bigger camera. But for now, the memories that come out of the shock proof pocket cam will do just fine.

 Tyler walked into the splash pad real quickly. That's why he has no shoes on here.
 On our way out, Steven obliged to let us take character pictures. I know, I should have put Tyler's wet shoes back on him.

 He fell asleep soon after. We didn't even notice until one of the characters passing out candy said "Shhhh, baby is sleeping!" I was thinking, who'd baby, I wanna see a cute baby!
 So I took another picture of my sleeping baby.
 And Dylan started walking so fast that I had to run to be able to still hold his hand in the parking lot back to our hotel. Then Steven decided to race us. We beat them, but then we waited in the lobby so they beat us to the room by sneaking in the side door and using the other elevators. What a fun family time.
 We all love this hotel.
 I woke up early and went to my FDHA convention to earn 4 CE credits (a total of 5 for the week!) The convention was at the airport hotel.

Steven stayed and took the kids to the delicious buffet breakfast. One of the waitresses remembered Tyler from our July 21st visit. At the pool, where they planned on staying all morning, the water was cold so Isaac and Tyler stayed with Steven while Dylan played longer.

 Then they (in the clothes they picked out by themselves meant only for the ride home) annoyed the security personnel at the hotel by running up and down the stairs.
 Once I finally came back to pick them up, Tyler was asleep in the stroller. He slept all the way home. We came home in time to read on facebook that one of my cousins is going to go on a mission, she's a girl and the prophet said that girls can now go at age 19 and that men can go at age 18! I haven't heard it first hand yet, I'll go back to listen. But we did play conference bingo with cheerios for the 4pm session. They got to trade in cheerios for their Sea World candy. Conference is ending right now as we speak, so this has been a beautiful weekend!

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