Tuesday, May 18, 2010

other good moms of faith

I like reading blogs as a good way to procrastinate, and love that sometimes it motivates me to be better.  That just happened, so I'm going to link to it for you before I sift through today's under water photos.  My friend Marcie told me that I should read a blog, and today, that blogger linked to herself being interviewed here.  Phew!  Read it if you'd like:) 

Here's Shawni's intro:
Sarah has come up with the coolest idea: to interview mothers of different faiths and ask them questions about how their religious convictions help them to mother. She explains her purpose much better than I can:

"My goal is to interview fellow mothers/bloggers of different faiths and have a little window into each of their lives...and to see in the end, how we are all trying to achieve the same thing...to prepare faithful, loving, compassionate, children to go out into the world and lead productive, purposeful, meaningful lives.

"We are all more similar than we are different.

"Different doctrines, different traditions, different rituals, different beliefs, but our fears, our love for our families, and our hopes for our children are all so alike."

I love the scripture that tells me that all good things come from God. 
It's true! 
When I was still young and living at home, I would like to go to other friends' churches.  Our church promotes finding out for ourselves what is right, what is good, what is true, and to surround ourselves with it.  There are LOTS of good people out there, and it's fun when they happen to be members of my church.  But soooo many of my good friends don't go to my church.  It's more complicated now- to trade going to friends' churches with them since I have more responsibilities at church and with my kids, but I still like to do it.  (And I always welcome anyone who wants to come to church with me.)    Anyway, this is a different spin on it - that mothers want what's best for their kids - that's pretty much a universal truth.  And religion plays a huge factor in that.  I agree with the answers in the interview. (Shawni and I go to the same church and I like that she speaks more clearly than my scrambled thoughts.)

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Marcie said...

I love Shawni :) I also love Clover Lane... that's my all time favorite blog. I love reading about faith and mothering too... so connected!