Thursday, May 6, 2010

Feliz Cinco (y Seis) de Mayo!

Hi, today I had big plans for a bit of fun, a bit of friends, and a bit of work.  I didn't even try to put a bit of cleaning in there.  I need to prioritize:)

First, Dylan woke me up telling me he was dry.  We decided to give the pull ups all to Isaac.  I wasn't 100% awake, and b/c I stayed up editing all night, I went back to sleep.  Then Corrie woke me up.  Dylan aparently asked her who it was at the door, then b/c he knew her, he let her in.  I was sound asleep.  Let the party begin!!!

I put on my anual Cinco de Mayo shirt from my Grandma Gille. (She grew up some in Mexico although she's not Mexican.)

Dylan and Isaac put on their Guadalajara, Mexico futbol shirts from their uncles.  I turned on the Cinco de Mayo music channel, and we had a Mexican hat dance party!!!

We put a hat down and danced to La Cucuracha.  I remember sitting in a creative Mexican restaraunt with my Grandma Gille as a kid.  She translated that song to me and I thought it was so funny.  She was tapping her foot to the beat while it played while we ate.  There was a volcano that would errupt if we were lucky.  We would end the meal with sopa papillas.  I don't know how that's spelled, but I would call them that as I asked for them to be passed to me.  I would bite off a corner, then fill it just so with honey.  I'm sure my dad taught me the "right way" to do that.  They also had powdered sugar on them.  And that's all I remember about that.  Back to today:
Once the living room and play room are cleaned, I let the kids get out the musical instruments, mostly all from my other grandma, Grandma Rebeck.  Today, they wanted them for the hat dance party.  They seemed so appropriate for my little mariachis!

Little Ada came over to play too.  I tried to ballance this hat on her head with no luck.  Oh well.  She didn't mind it. 
We ate chips and queso for lunch with limes in our water. 
I let Ada lick a slice of lime, but she didn't make any silly faces, she just didn't go to grab it the next time.  Aren't babies supposed to make the silliest faces with lemons/limes? 
Oh, Lindsay, she grabbed the spoon then her hat, so it's in the dryer right now. 

The kids got sweaty and dirty, so it was time for the pool! 
 This was Ada's first pool experience, so I'm told. 
She wasn't happy about the cold bath at first, but with grapes in her mesh bag thingie, she was easily distracted. 
After nap time, Isaac got pink eye. 
How does he go from fine to goopy?  Where did he get it?  AAAh, not fun. 
I washed our hands, sheets, clothes, toys, etc so not to spread it to the other 4 kids there, then I didn't get to go see my other 3 boys, the Szaszs b/c they catch it easily. 
Instead, we went to dinner with Andre and Barbie.  Yay!  It seems like I've been babysitting the last couple of times Steven went to dinner w/ them. 
Carmalita's gave them new sombreros! 
I tried using pocket cam (that's what I call it) on more of a manual setting, but it doesn't work.  I really don't ever use my Canon on auto, so it irritates me when I can't get the exposure I want with a quick enough shutter speed to capture wiggly boys. 
 Steven got one on his cell phone (the reason for their above pose). 
So, even though it's now officially seis de Mayo, Happy Cinco de Mayo from the fegers!


Lindsay said...

So cute!!! Thanks for taking pictures of my baby! I love the one you sent me on my phone!! How cute of a mom are you! I need to do more festive things like this.
And with the lime thing...we gave her some lemon a couple of weeks ago, and she went to town on maybe she wasn't shocked with round two?? Who knows.

The Stevens said...

Cute pictures. You are so festive, I love that you celebrate everything!! What a great mom!

Lacey McKay said...

The restaurant you are thinking of was called Casa Bonita. It was here in Tulsa. They closed down a couple of years ago. They had a waterfall, puppet shows, a big gift shop, etc. It was a really cool place to go as a kid. I remembered it as a great place too, so I took my in-laws there once. We laughed the entire time we were there. The food was like a tv dinner and we were seated inside what felt like a cave. I mean that literally, we were completely surrounded by rocks. We didn't get to sit by the beautiful waterfall!