Sunday, May 9, 2010

Isaac + 2 years old = my mess maker

"Mess Maker,
Mess Maker,
Make me a mess,
Find me a dump,
Catch me some clutter."

Isaac was my "grip" for a friend's photo shoot the other day.  Here are some quick pics from before my friend got there.  Isaac is always so determined, and I think he's always thinking of the next creative mess he can get into. 

He's sneeky.

And always getting into things he shouldn't, like when he colored on my friend's walls with markers.  She had me take the kids outside when I got there so she could touch up paint over what wouldn't clean off. 

He plays hard and isn't afraid to get dirty (or sandy).

Shoes aren't needed. 

Neither are pants. 

When it's nap time, watch out.  That's when the real messes begin.  I was so angry with not only Isaac for his beautiful mess this day, but I was angry with Dylan.  Dylan came in and said "Mom, look at what Isaac did," and Dylan was laughing. 

It was a rude awakening to me. (I was the only one who took a little nap.)  Isaac came in my bedroom with what I looked like mango paste.  It was Bag Balm.  All over his hair, smeared onto his shirt, massaged into his arms and legs, and onto other things in the room. 

I officially gave Dylan the "you're the big brother and should have known better" lecture.  I threw some things away.  They both cried.  I wanted to.  The dresser drawers were emptied, the changing table things were on the floor, the crib bedding I want to sell on ebay was dumped out and was on the floor, all of the diapers were scattered on the floor, all of their bedding was on the floor, all of the pull ups were on the floor, all of the books were off of the book shelves, their transformer wall clings were on the floor.  I couldn't believe they hadn't napped, and I slept through this tornado! 

Today, at nap time, Steven went up there (I told him it's Mother's Day, so he should go), he caught Isaac up on the changing table tasting some sort of butt paste or lotion. He brought him carefully down to me so I could change his smelly undies. Gee thanks. As I was wiping his cute little tushy, he smiled up at me and said "Happy Mother's Day!"

Oh, and I finally got that goop out of his hair after the baseball game that my mom and Don took us to on the 6th shampooing.  Dish soap worked as suggested by MY wonderful mom.

I washed it along with Isaac's cupcake face after Dylan's morning Tball game the next day. 
Happy Mother's Day!
Oh, these photos happened over the past 2 weeks or so, but I don't seem to have the time to post here much.  I'm taking this day for me b/c I decided to not "work" on Sunday.  It's dificult because I have 2 photos sessions backed up and I really want to go through them.  I decided I have pleanty of other things to do, so I'll do a bit of my own blogging for the day!


Lindsay said...

Hahahaha...that is so funny! I mean, no it isnt!!

Those are great pictures and even greater stories!! :)

Lacey McKay said...

All of those happened over the past TWO WEEKS??? OMG! Looks like you've got your hands full with that one! I love the messy pics! I would really love to see pics of the "tornado". Where are those? It's times like those when the only thing you can do is laugh to keep yourself from crying, then run for the camera!

The Stevens said...

Great stories Tiffany and I hope you had a little "you" time yesterday. You are a great mom for your little boys!

Keshia said...

I wish I could say you're the only one and that my almost 3 year old never makes those kinds of messes. Sadly, just yesterday Jerry had to unplug the toilet from a Cailin Disaster!