Tuesday, May 4, 2010

my babies

I was going through folders and noticed that I had never done anything w/ these boys' sillouettes that I took months ago.  They're from October.  I don't want to neglect my own personal projects just because I'm busy with other clients.  So I'm taking a break.  It's fun that I'm procrastinating one fun thing to do another.  Which reminds me of what I've been thinking about today.  I tell kids to go be lifeguards when they're about to turn 16.  I tell them it's the BEST JOB!  But I also tell lifeguards to teach private swimming lessons, because it's the BEST JOB!  And I tell people that they should be a dental hygienist because it's the BEST JOB!  But then today I was thinking to myself how being a photographer is also the BEST JOB.  My conclusion, is that I have the BEST LIFE! 

Except of course for the day that I had to clean tables and trays from a mall food court when I was a BYU student. The job placement rep in Utah asked how many words a minute I could type and asked if I liked to shop at the mall. He told me to wear comfortable shoes and either jeans or khaki's and a regular polo shirt and to show up above a sports store at the mall and I would be directed where to go. You should have been there to see my shock upon finding out that my temp job for the day would be being cleaning nasty ketchup from trays. I didn't get another temp job from that company. I think I gave plasma instead a couple of times. Oh, and I got "terminated" from a telemarketing company b/c of a schedule conflict. That was NOT a best job. Anyway, here are the pictures of my babies.
(The papers are from Heather Ann Designs)
You probably already know this, but I also think that being their mom is the BEST BEST JOB!

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