Friday, May 28, 2010

my sweet and sour sweet little Isaac

I went to see Isaac on my lunch break today.  He was happy to see me, and a bit confused.  But he was soooo sad and mad when I left him to take his nap at Corrie's house! 
Then he was content and happy on Corrie's swingset and didn't want to leave when I was ready to take him home after work.  I asked him why he cried before and he said his cute usual " 'cuz . . . I had to."  Sometimes I ask who did something, and if it has to do with having an accident, he tells me that Noah did it and laughs b/c he knows he's funny.  But lately, he tells me "everybody did it."  He has a funny matter-of-fact way of telling me before he cracks himself up and throws himself all floppy like on the floor to roll around. 

We're potty training now.  He's doing amazingly well.  The secret is the potty treats jar with either fruit snacks or Skittles in it, and the fact that Noah is doing it full time with us too.  I started it on Monday because Corrie and I had talked about it before.  I texted her a picture of Noah on the potty.  He did really well his first day!  So did Isaac! 

Here's a picture to along with a previous post about Isaac and his tornado nap times.  I walked up to see him with his shorts and undies off.  He had an accident.  It wasn't a lot, but he got the stuff on his blanket and a pillow case - gross!  He has never done that before.  Oh, and clearly that was after he had emptied the shelves and the dresser drawer. 
I changed his dirty undies, removed the blanket and pillow and put him back in bed.  I came up minutes later to find this.  What a mess!  He only starts crying once he is startled by me finding him in his mess-making-madness. 

So there you have it.  The pictures to document some of his messes.  I am proud to say that I now have the video monitor set up in his room.  I showed him where it is and told him that I would be watching him.  He hasn't emptied any more shelves, dressers, or beds since! 

And look how happy he is when he goes in the potty all by himself.  I decided I should grab my little camera to take a picture of his success too. 
Here are some more little tidbits about Isaac:
He likes to pretend to pick of four noses, eyes, cheeks, chins, eyebrows, hair, ears, etc and he puts them in his mouth and makes the CUTEST pretend chewing faces.  We pretend like we need our noses back and try to take them back out of his mouth.  I think you have to be there, but trust me, he has the cutest little chewing mouth! 
He goes PP on the potty and poo poo on the grass.  Let me explain.  When we play outside, it's fine to pee in the grass, but I have found him more than once try to go #2 on the grass.  Now I know and cary him inside real quick.  At least he climbs out of the pool to do either one.  He really is potty trained now.  (Except for yesterday when he was feeling sick and he peed right on my lap when we were at the computer.  I know it surprised him so he held the rest back poor baby.) 

He still likes songs, music, and dancing.  He'll start to sing Old McDonald (which he sometimes starts singing when we pass McDonalds and he sometimes sings "Uncle Donalds" because of Malia), the 1st article fo faith, and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. 

When he prays, he says it real fast and unless prompted to start with addressing his Heavenly Father, he will skip right to his regular "uh tan you Mommy an' Daddy uh uh uh Chris' amen."  That's the whole prayer, no Dylan.  Sometimes he'll repeat the Mommy and Daddy part a couple of times while he squirms around the coffee table. 

He can ridy a tricycle by himself now!  (pictures/video to come)

He likes to wiggle and squirm, but can sit in a movie and church. 

He still likes to cuddle in and lay his head on my shoulder. 

I love him! 

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