Sunday, August 10, 2014

Tyler is almost 3

My baby boy. My Tyler T. My sweet sweet mama loving cutie. He does not like to wear clothes. But if he chooses to wear some, he picks. He may insist that I pick, but he has the final say and uses his veto power and reasoning skills. Such as the fact that jeans are a better choice because mosquitos bite him. Yes even in the morning on hot days. 

He does not watch TV although does like routine so once requested The Gator Boys before bed so requests it frequently at that time. Wait. Steven discovered the power of Dora The Explorer. It is the ONLY show that works. I forget about it myself. But remembered today. "Dora Babies" is his favorite. I hope it stays on the On Demand channel! 
I may as well talk to you, My Tyler. You play along and later sing "I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the MAP!" 

You are potty trained since we ran out of diapers. You would keep undies dry but wanted a diaper. You would poop only in the toilet but woul hold it in unless bribed or threatened. Crazy how you can poop on demand. 

You ask if characters are bad or good. Over and over and our reasoning never quenches your curiosity. You love books and recite some on your own. 

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